Monday, July 28, 2014

Tablets in the wild

You learn some interesting things as an Android developer.

Periodically, I check up on my crash reports to verify that there isn't anything crazy going on with my app. Today, I was sad to see that I'm getting crashes on machines with no gravity sensor—my mistake; need to push a fix.

The list of machines, though, was interesting. One of the devices that showed up was a "nuclear-86v2g", which I had not heard of before. Some Googling turned up the details: it's apparently a not-well-known (in the States, anyway) Chinese tablet by the name of "Amaway," which runs Android 4.0. Sadly, it appears to lack a gyroscope sensor and so won't run Cece's toy, but it's interesting to see how far a simple program can travel on the web.
Cute little thing (image source)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My graphical ace-in-the-hole: ColorHexa

Things are afoot, but nothing I'm going to talk about right now. So I'm going to talk about ColorHexa instead.